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N7 OPERATIONS is a FREE fan creation for the enjoyment of fellow fans and for the exercise in translating a beloved property to another medium. This game translates the frenetic, objective focused, high tension co-op multiplayer set in the Mass Effect universe and brings it to your tabletop. It uses a variation on the LUMEN system to keep the action fast and intuitive, the rules light, and the characters powerful.

This is a positional, tactical, combat-focused RPG with lighter roleplaying and problem-solving elements.

Obviously, this is a totally FREE game devised for the fun of the experience. If you would like to support me, I've created other sci-fi games you might dig.

This game is Illuminated, and is made using the LUMEN system created by Spencer Campbell of GilaRPGs. This game is not affiliated with Gila RPGs.

(I have no intention and am making no attempt to infringe on IP and cannot/will not profit from this document! Of course I’ll destroy all copies if the rights holders desire. Please don’t hurt me, that would be very Renegade of you!)


N7Operations_LumenRPG_v.0.01.pdf 16 MB
Firebase_Tide.png 22 MB
Firebase_White_Sectors.png 789 kB
N7 Operations Class Sheets - Form Fillable PDF.zip 13 MB

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